Directory of African-Led Community Organizations

African Advocacy Network (AAN)

The African Advocacy Network (AAN) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit founded in 2009 to serve the growing Diaspora of African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants. AAN provides immigration legal services, case management, and social integration services based on a unique Cultural Brokering model.

AAN couples these programs with experienced and trained linguistic capacity in more than ten languages that span the African continent including Amharic, Arabic, Berber, Dioula, Effutu, French, Haitian Creole, Kru, Senya, Sonufu, Spanish, Tigrinya, Wolof, and more. They act in collaboration with community partners, individuals, faith-based groups, and advocates to amplify their impact to ensure the equity of all voices and sustain their mission.

African Alliance of Rhode-Island (AARI)

African Alliance of Rhode Island (AARI) promotes unity within the African Communities in Rhode Island, advocates for the rights of Africans in Rhode Island, and educates the American public about Africa. In addition, AARI supports and benefits agricultural producers while evaluating the continent’s profile and facilitating linkages between Americans and Africans. Service provided includes farming and farmers markets, health conversation series, health research for African immigrants, information sessions, stories, fresh food drop-offs, etc. 

African Community Health Initiatives (ACHI)

ACHI is a non-profit committed to improving the health of the African community in Massachusetts. They Identify providers and organizations serving African immigrants and establish relationships with them to ease the referral of African immigrants for services, including immigration advice and education services. They also collaborate with health services providers to provide education and screening for health problems, including cholesterol, anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, vision problems, dental problems, hearing problems, immunization services through health fairs, and HIV/AIDS education and prevention services in collaboration with other organizations.

African Family Health Organization (AFAHO)

AFAHO provides health, human and educational services to African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees in the greater Philadelphia area. Learn more at

African For Improved Access (AFIA)

AFIA is a program under the broad umbrella of the Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC). Africans for Improved Access (AFIA) provides HIV/STI prevention, education, and support services to the African immigrant and refugee community in Massachusetts.  They also facilitate cultural competency training for providers who serve African immigrants and refugees. AFIA offers group-level and individual-level services tailored for individuals from the Sub-Saharan African community.

African International Collaborative Center (AICC)

This non-profit organization based in New York provides services for African immigrants which covers  Civic Engagement, Grassroot Mobilization, Leadership Development, and Empowerment. Their services include community health promotion & education, training, and technical assistance, program design development and evaluation, language, culture and history classes, leadership development forums, resources, information and referral hub, advocacy, job shadowing, and food pantry.

Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV)

A non-profit organization located in Burlington, Vermont. AALV helps new Americans from all parts of the world gain independence in their new communities through a range of integration services, including bridging case management, workforce development, behavioral health awareness, and interpreter services programming. With support from their multicultural, multilingual staff, clients are able to smoothly transition to living and working in Vermont.

African Services Committee, New York City

A non-profit organization, whose programs address the needs of newcomers affected by war, persecution, poverty, and global health inequalities. They provide health, housing, legal, educational, and social services to more than 6,500 people each year. Staff representing more than 20 countries and speaking over 25 languages provide culturally and linguistically relevant support to this diverse and growing community. Expanding HIV prevention and access to AIDS treatment and care is central to their mission.

Black Immigrant Collective (BIC)

The Black Immigrant Collective is a Minnesota Black-led immigrant organization that works at the intersection of Blackness and migration. Their work includes mutual aid support, deportation & detention defense, local, state & federal policy, and resource sharing.

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETTSS)

ETSS is a community-based organization that helps new arrivals from over 50 countries establish roots and gain self-sufficiency in Central Ohio through programs and services that encourage community integration, sustained employment, education, health, and strong families.  Members of their staff speak over 30 languages to provide individuals and families the services they need.

Multicultural Community Family Services (MCFS)

The Multicultural Community Family Services (MCFS) is an African-led ethnic-based community organization in Upper Darby Pennsylvania whose mission is to empower individuals, children, youths, and families to gain a greater capacity to succeed in their communities. MCFS accomplishes its mission through the delivery of culturally targeted social services.

MCFS provides home care services that serve private customers and predominantly low-income state eligible consumers in need of home care and other community-based habilitation services; provide full and part-time employment, job-readiness services for older youths and adults through its “preparing older youth for success (POYS)” job readiness program, providing weekly literacy classes for immigrant adults, weekly classes that help immigrants study and prepare to sit for USA examinations, regular workshop series that address an array of issues related to health and wellness, economic empowerment, prevention, immigration, and citizenship, and community soccer (multicultural united soccer club) for children and youth between the ages of 4 and 15.

Somali American Parent Association (SAPA)

SAPA Non-profit organization in Saint Paul, Minnesota which promotes the empowerment of Somali youth, parents, and African communities in Minnesota through a holistic approach to services that include education, community engagement, and advocacy. They provide support to East African children and families in Minnesota to navigate the various barriers they face to achieve a successful academic experience. They provide services for parent engagement, culture training, consulting, community health, and youth development programs.